Weight Loss

Weight Loss – The Amazing Facts About Juice & Fruits

Weight Loss – The Amazing Facts About Juice & Fruits


For an effective cleansing of toxins, which are accumulated as a result of junk foods, a 100% natural juice or organic juice is best used for Weight Loss. Or you can go for a juice made specifically for this purpose. Maintaining 6 – 8 full glasses per day (8 ounce) is very much advisable. And it must be done within a short period of time (2 -3 days). The tendency to prolong this method beyond five days could have an adverse effect, because of its strong reaction.

Vegetable juice has been discovered to be doing a great job in this regard, but unfortunately not everyone seems to appreciate it. Moreover having a constant ingestion of sugar (natural or artificial) should be disregarded.


i. Energy in Fruits: energy in fruits is in the form of natural sugar or glucose. Upon digestion, this glucose is broken down into energy with the help of the oxygen. The end product of this reaction is water and carbon dioxide. And the good thing is that your body needs the water, but the carbon dioxide would be gotten rid of immediately.

The reaction process also points to the fact that our body system doesn’t work effectively without water, therefore it is not necessarily flooding our system with quantum glasses of water but develop a habit of fruit consumption because of their water content. After all, we need food that contains 80% of water because our body is made up of 80% of water! Fruits and vegetable should be your new sources of water in this period of achieving a weight loss. That does not discourage the act of drinking water but combining the two systematically looks great. And most of all steer clear of artificial sugars, which can be found in soft drinks, chocolates, etc.

ii Energy in Non-fruits – digestion here is different. The conversion of proteins for example into energy is discovered to be difficult and utilizes more energy than that of the fruits, because when the body burns proteins other products are produced, and without oxygen! And the end product is ammonia which is very much linked to carbon dioxide and forms a less toxic ureum which is excreted through the kidneys.

Meat for instance, eaten with starchy foods can take up to 8 hours to digest, whereas 30 minutes is done for the fruits. This points to the fact that more energy is required in non-fruits digestion rather than utilizing it in other things.

Hint: To realize an ideal weight, these aforementioned fruits and juice diets must be carried out (juice fast for 3 -4 days) in conjunction with good exercise plans, and a specialist.

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