Organic Vitamin

Organic Vitamin – Balancing Your Health the Natural Way

You might not know it, but not all vitamins are organic vitamin. Vitamins, or close proximities of them can be produced in labs and synthetically created. Therefore, not all vitamins are completely natural and organic, and it can make a difference in terms of their potential benefits to your health.

When you pick up a package or box of food at the grocery store and it says vitamin enriched, or extra vitamin fortified, or anything of that nature, it means that there are non organic vitamins being used in that food or drink. In order to make that product more appealing to healthy minded consumers, manufacturers added in extra vitamins that wouldn’t have been found in the product using just all natural ingredients.

While this may seem like a good idea, adding more vitamins to something, it actually has several drawbacks. To begin with, nothing that is synthetically created or chemically modified is ever going to be as good as the 100%, all natural original. Even for a compound that has been perfectly structurally copied, there will be differences in how your body handles and reacts to it as opposed to how it would with the real thing.

Many products that are enriched with extra vitamins also don’t do so at a correct ratio. You are getting far too much of a particular vitamin, which is of no value to your system. Too much of a vitamin can even lead to negative side effects, and serious health problems. Just throwing in a lot of extra vitamins therefore doesn’t do you any good.

Organic vitamin on the other hand come in the exact form and ratio that were produced with naturally. This means that you are getting the right vitamins, they are the all natural kind your body will utilize efficiently and you get them in a healthy dose that your body can handle.

Additionally, sources of vitamins will naturally contain other beneficial nutrients. These other nutrients can include antioxidants, or omega 3 fatty acids or other compounds that help make you a healthier person. Your body needs more than just vitamins to function to the best of its ability, so why would you overlook so many other nutrients?

So the best way to fulfill your vitamin obligations everyday isn’t to buy enriched products. Nor is it to buy synthetic vitamins from your local drug store. Rather, it’s to choose a supplement that contains organic vitamin and 100% natural ingredients. You’ll get a varied supply of many different and healthy ingredients, and you’ll get them in just the right amounts. Your body will thank you for it.

Skip the grocery store scams, claiming to provide you with all of your vitamin needs and go straight for the good stuff: all natural supplements with a huge collection of nutrients, including natural enzymes, herbal extracts, and many different types of anti-oxidants, as well as the full scope of organic vitamin.

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