Organic Cleaning Products

5 Benefits Of Using Organic Cleaning Products

Organic cleaning products are great in cleaning and sanitizing your office or house. One of its ingredients is benzalkonium chloride. This ingredient is synonymous with sanitized linens and hard surfaces. Unfortunately, it is a chemical that may not be safe for your family, especially if there are kids around. Although it is a powerful disinfectant, your health and the environment may convince you to find an organic alternative.

Here is a list of reasons you should consider opting for organic disinfectant:

1. Inexpensive and safe

Organic disinfectant is cheaper. Plus, it is relatively safe, as long as you use its correct amount. It does not cause irritation to the eyes, lungs and on skin. Thus, it is safe even if you have a family member with breathing problems, like asthma. Keep in mind that when benzalkonium chloride is mixed with other household cleaners, it can produce toxic fumes. These fumes are obviously harmful to the environment.

2. Kill bacteria

Although its ingredients are not as potent as those of other household cleaning products, an organic disinfectant can effectively kill both salmonella and E. coli. Thus, it makes it a valuable sanitizer in your kitchen.

3. Avoid health threat

Some of the ingredients in household cleaning products can cause burns or skin conditions. However, an organic-based disinfectant is as useful as those household cleaning products but it does not hurt the environment. When you used it according to its directions, it will not pose a health threat to you and other members of the family. Furthermore, some organic-based disinfectants can act as a bleach alternative. You just need a small amount to brighten your whites.

4. Cause less damage to surfaces

It is true that many cleaning products can effectively clean surfaces. However, some of them can leave stains and marks causing damage to the surfaces. Apart from that, if you do not rinse them off properly, they can cause stain to other household equipment and discoloration to your clothing.

With the use of an organic cleaning material, you do not have to worry about it being harsh.

5. Good for the environment

This is one of the best things about organic cleaning products. Because their ingredients are mostly derived from natural ingredients, they can be easily disposed of without the risk of contaminating the water supply or the environment.

Some of the traditional spray cleaners that you are using may contain chemicals or ingredients that are harmful to the ozone layer and to your own lungs. If you eliminate them and use organic disinfectant, then you can avoid harming your body and the environment.

Another obvious reason many people are now opting to purchase organic cleaning products is the smell. They are not as strong as those traditional household cleaning products. With natural alternatives, you will not feel dizzy or get a headache because of the fumes.

Organic cleaning products are likely to become more popular considering the benefits they provide to health and the environment.

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