Organic Vitamins Supplements

Types of Vitamin Supplements Like Organic Vitamins Supplements

A lot of vitamins that are available in the market claim that they are all natural and organic but then we really cannot test if they are telling the complete truth. It would be important to know that not all vitamins are all natural. In fact, some are made and produced in labs. This would of course create differences with your health because all organic vitamins supplements are still healthier than synthetic ones.

A lot of packages that are available in supermarkets have the label “vitamin enriched” or “vitamin fortified”. Most if not all the time, these foods are made with non organic vitamins supplements. These products are specifically made by the companies with extra vitamins to make them more appealing to health conscious costumers.

Do remember that even though a lot of effort has been done to imitate the real organic stuff, the way the body will react to the products will still be different. Also remember that the amount of vitamins placed in food products might be too much for you and in the long run can lead to negative side effects. It is possible that you wouldn’t see at first the effects but then in the future you might feel other side effects.

Organic vitamins supplements can provide you with the proper amount of vitamins you need and that is good to know especially if you are health conscious and you would like to make sure that you are getting just the right amount of nutrients that you need.

Do remember that the best way to really become healthy is research about the food that you eat. Organic foods and vitamins are still better than non organic ones because you’ll get a varied supply of healthy and natural ingredients that will give you more benefits next time. The body will surely be happier if it is strong and healthy.

A form of supplement many companies have started experimenting with is by doing liquid vitamins and minerals supplements. The goal of these is that you basically ingest a vitamin supplement that does not have any added material in order for all the components to be glued together. The supplement is thus more pure and this often is referred to as a more organic vitamin supplement.

It is still better to ignore all the food products and vitamins available in the grocery that claim to make you healthier because these products will not do you any good. Always seek to eat organic food and always choose all natural vitamins in lieu of synthetic ones. If you want more information on organic vitamins you might want to check out my website which talks about subjects such as liquid vitamins and supplements [].

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Pomegranate Juice

Organic Pomegranate Juice

When you are putting together summer menus this year, you may want to consider pomegranate juice as an alternative to your usual hot-weather drink. It is made from pomegranate berries, which have become known as one of the “super fruits”. Their juice becomes a low-calorie beverage packed full of vitamin C, A, E, B5, potassium, folic acid, iron and fibre. Often people buy organic pomegranate juice because it is a great-tasting way to improve overall health and the immune system.

Pomegranates have been cultivated for thousands of years and have been prized by many cultures as an important food. They have become popular again because the berries make a delicious drink. Modern shoppers buy the organic juice to use as a cool, refreshing beverage. However, current research shows that it also contains many health-giving benefits. For instance:

1) Pomegranate juice may help reduce plaque in the arteries, which can help slow hardening of blood vessels. The juice contains antioxidants, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. When you buy the organic juice you are getting a beverage with approximately three times more antioxidants then green tea or red wine.

2) Pomegranate juice helps raise levels of good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. Doctors say that this can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

3) Research is evaluating whether the antioxidants in pomegranates may slow the growth of cancer cells. There is some evidence that the juice may reduce the incidence of skin and breast cancers. Some studies show it has slowed prostate cancer growth in mice.

4) You may want to buy organic pomegranate juice as a blood thinner. The drink has been shown to improve the flow of blood to the heart, which reduces blood pressure.

5) There is evidence that the properties of pomegranates acts as an anti-inflammatory, which can help slow the onset of arthritis.

Even if the only reason you buy organic pomegranate juice is to enjoy a cool, refreshing beverage, it is surely healthy, delicious alternative to many drinks. It can be found in almost any grocery or health-food store and prices vary. Buying it online is really easy and is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Many companies sell the organic variety with fast cheap shipping right to your door. So if you’re looking to buy some, be sure to see what is available online.

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Organic Fresh Juices

Organic Fresh Juices For Constipation

Organic fresh juices have cleansing and laxative action, which will help you eliminate constipation. Taken regularly they will help you have daily bowel movements.

Organic fresh juices contain loads of mineral, bioflavonoids, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Citric fruits have citric acid and the more tart they are the more acid they have.

Organic Fresh juices is a fast way to get all types of nutrients into the blood quickly. As juice nutrients get into your blood, they suck out toxics and build up tissues. In your colon they destroy bad bacteria, feed wall tissue, pull out toxins, and have laxative action.

Even though juices provide helpful action throughout the body, it is best to limit their use and drink them in larger quantities only when trying to accomplish certain health benefits.

If you use natural foods with laxative effects, their laxative effect diminishes after long-term use.

If you have diabetes or adrenal fatigue, limit your use of fruits and juices when you first wake up in the morning. However, exercise in the morning will help you tolerate drinking some juices in the morning

When juicing fruits and vegetables, the more fiber that is left with the juice the better results you will get with your constipation.

It is always best to use fresh juices, but as a last resort using packaged juices will be better than not drinking anything.

Apples and Apple Juice

Apples are good for eliminating constipation because they are high in pectin, a soluble fiber, have many minerals, and contain sorbitol – a natural sugar, which stimulates peristaltic action. Pectin helps to detoxify the intestines and promote regular bowel movements.

The fiber in apples adds weight and bulk to your fecal matter and helps draw water from your colon into the fecal matter keeping the stool from becoming hard and thus preventing constipation.

Apples are one of best fruits to eat because they are high in minerals, which provide alkaline electrolytes to your body. What electrolytes do is neutralize acids that are created during illness, anxiety, anger, exercising, breathing pollution, and improper eating. Body acid is a major reason we get deadly diseases as we age

Make eating apples or drinking fresh apple juice a daily habit. They are also effective in liver and gallbladder problems.

Here’s what to do.

Use crisp and hard apples such as granny smith, Fuji, or gala apples for juicing.

Drink three glass of apple juice during the day – morning, noon, and evening. In combination with drinking fresh apple juice, eat 3-4 apples each day to get fiber. The combination of eating and drinking apples juice will activate your colon to start moving stagnant matter.

One-day apple and apple juice fast

You can also do a one-day or two-day apple and apple juice fast by, eating 3-4 apples during the day. Drink apples juice every two hours. Don’t eat anything until the next morning. Then, start changing your eating habits as listed in some of my other articles.

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Organic Vegetable Juice

Organic Vegetable Juice Best for Your Health

Making organic vegetable juice is one of the best things that you can do for your health. You will increase the micronutrients that you intake. You will eliminate some of the junk food cravings that you currently have. You will increase your energy. Your body will function better. You will lose excess weight. By making organic juice, you are supporting organic farmers.

Not everyone is eating as many vegetables as they should everyday. This is because they simply don’t like to cook vegetables. There are so many delicious convenience foods available that people reach for those instead of making a wholesome meal. Making organic vegetable juice takes about a minute and you will increase your nutrient intake immensely.

By replacing the processed foods with fresh organic vegetable juice, your body will start to notice a difference. You will begin to enjoy the vegetable juices and the junk food cravings will diminish. I still remember how delicious a candy bar tastes, but it is much easier for me to pass on foods like that now.

Through juicing, you will experience an increase in energy. On average, I need less sleep every night since I have started juicing. I wake up more refreshed and focused than ever. My body is not expending extra energy to rid itself of the processed foods that I used to eat.

Your body will function better due to the increase in nurtition. This is because your body is receiving the nutrients that it needs to function optimally. In fact, it is easily getting these nutrients without having to break down the fiber that the vegetables and fruits have. Within twenty minutes of consuming the juice, your body will have absorbed the nutrients from the juice. This will help every organ in your body to function better because it is getting what it needs.

If you have excess weight to lose, you will probably lose it through juicing. This is simply because the juices don’t contain high amounts of empty calories like some other beverages. They are chock full of nutrients that you need in order to stay healthy.

Purchasing and juicing organic vegetables helps support local organic farmers. This is very important. Our environment is getting more and more polluted everyday with the number of cars on the road. The pesticides that are being used are harmful not only to us, but also to our environment. By supporting organic farmers, we send the message that we want to improve our environment. Making organic vegetable juice is just one way to do that.

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Juice Fasting

Benefits of Juice Fasting For Your Body

Juice fasting is a type of fasting diet in which an individual only consumes juice created from both fruits and or vegetables. This method is also referred to as a Detox diet, which is done to clean out organs in the body that have piled up contaminants and toxins. I personally like to juice fast because it leaves me feeling more alive and ready to take on my day.

Juice fasting is usually associated with a Detox diet, in order to stimulate health since less energy is required to digest food while juice fasting. Because of this, the body may focus its resources on cleaning out toxins that have built up over time. Because toxins can accumulate in various parts of the body, certain juice fasting diets target specific areas of the body. Some juice fast diets target the kidneys, liver, urinary tract, and even the skin. The immune system and the brain can also be stimulated by juice fasting, which will leave you healthier and feeling better than ever.

In addition to detoxifying certain organs, juice fasting has many other benefits. Some perform a juice fast for religious purposes, while others may do it just to lose some weight. Juice fasting may also help to end a bad habit, such as smoking, over eating, or even an addiction to caffeine. Juice fasting is also an alternative medicine practice, used for illnesses ranging from depression to cancer.

A Detox diet can range in the amount of time it is practiced, and some people even indulge in week long fasting periods up to two times a year. Some perform monthly juice fasts that last only a couple of days, while others actually make a vacation out of it and travel to exotic locations like Thailand. I like to fast once or twice a year, since it takes about six months for toxins to accumulate in the blood stream.

Most fruits and vegetables do not contain fiber in the juice form, so it is sometimes necessary to stimulate certain organs in order to stimulate waste. Some fasters use enemas to speed up the process, while others take an herbal or saltwater laxative to help with stimulation. One method that works great at stimulating the colon and intestines to expel waste is to include psyllium husks in the juicer, since they are able to create enough bulk to make enough waste to stimulate the necessary organs. I personally like to take a supplement with fiber, because it gives your body everything it needs to function normally.

There are many different fruits and vegetables that offer great health benefits, but not all of them work during a juice fast. Certain greens work great in a juicer, such as parsley, kale, and spinach. Broccoli and cabbage also work great, and can add a unique flavor to the juice. Some root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and carrots work great in juice fasts, since they offer great nutritional value and also taste great. Grapes, apples, and citrus fruits offer a great amount of juice, and can sweeten up your juice fasting experience. Spearmint, peppermint, ginger, and green onion are a few of the herbs that taste great in juice, along with wheatgrass, fennel, and even basil. I personally love carrots and citrus fruits, because they have a tart yet sweet flavor.

Juice fasts do not have any negative side effects, as long as the person fasting is taking care of their body. Even though juice from fruits and vegetables provides the body with various vitamins and minerals, it is sometimes necessary to also include a multivitamin to give the body everything it needs. As long as the body is getting everything it needs to function, juice fasting can provide the body with great benefits relating to health.

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Juicing Recipes

Fantastic Juicing Recipes for Skin Care

Energy boosting fresh juice has powerful healing and rejuvenating properties that can help people with skin problems. Evidence illustrates that juicing recipes helps the organs and the body cleanse itself, which results in a softer and healthier looking complexion. Our skin is the body’s largest organ so caring for the skin can be achieved by a diet which combines healthy food with fresh juicing.

The following free recipes contain fruits and vegetables, which are known to promote and enhance the skin. Using juicing recipes as an additional treatment for skin care deserves the best produce, preferably organic. These juicing recipes are not cures for major skin concerns but consuming fresh organic juice will assist in better looking and healthier skins. When you make juicing a natural part of your daily diet you will notice a difference in increased energy and a healthy complexion.


A healthy diet with energy boosting vegetable juice recipes will give the best treatment for skin care.

Vegetable 8

1/2 Tomato

1/4 Cucumber

1 Carrot

1 Celery stalk

Handful Spinach

1/2 Red Pepper

1/2-Cup Cabbage

1 Green Onion

Very powerful skin healer, protector and cleanser.

Skin Deep

2 Beets (with leaves)

2 Cucumbers

5 Carrots

Carrot juice is a wonderful treatment for sunburn.

Carrot Blush

4 Carrots

1 Beet

6 Romaine leaves or Dark Green Lettuce

4 Spinach leaves

4 Sprigs parsley

This is a blood regenerator, high in iron and chlorophyll.

Skin Tonic

1 Cucumber

2 Sticks of Celery

1 Small to medium clove of Garlic

Root Ginger – 1 inch

Cucumber juice is beneficial for skin care as it is rich in the mineral silica, which is good for the complexion and skin elasticity.


Juicing for skin care will result in detoxification, weight loss and healthy looking skin.

Runners Rise

3 Oranges

2 Pears

1 Small yam

Oranges improve skin texture, moisture and reduce body heat.

Skin Smoother

5 Apples

2 Large carrots

1 Large stick of celery

1 Cucumber

Apple and cucumber encourage smooth satin skin.

Clear Complexion

2 Cups spinach

1 Cup of parsley

4 Oranges

Spinach is rich in iron and orange juice is full of vitamin C, which work wonders for a clear complexion.


Fruit juices make for a great morning energy boost.

Melon Mover

1 Cantaloupe

5 Ice cubes

Dash of cinnamon

Melons are powerful agents in the fight against skin cancer.


8 Strawberries

4 oz Green or purple grapes

Fresh juices hydrate and combat dry skin.

Citrus Crush

1 Pineapple

2 Pink grapefruit

2 Lemons-juice and rind

2 Limes-juice and rind

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps promote healthy skin.


Smoothies are the best alternative for a healthy breakfast.

Strawberry Smoothie

30-60 Strawberries

9-12 Medium or large bananas

7-8 Cups fresh squeezed orange juice

1 Cup flaxseed meal

Health Smoothie

1 Kiwi fruit, peeled

1/4 Cantaloupe, with skin

1 Ripe banana

Tropical Smoothie

1 Pineapple

2 Mangoes

4 Passion fruit

2 Papayas

2 Apples

Ginger root – 1 inch, peeled

Papaya and pineapple are rich in vitamin C, E and iron to improve skin complexion and metabolism.

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